What we do

Bicycle Sportive is a non-profit travel club for people who like to sweat when they’re on vacation. Members volunteer to create and lead a variety of trips at home and abroad. We enjoy the camaraderie of exploring the world with our cycling friends on trips developed by club members for other members.


The membership fee to join is $50 per person. Annual renewal fees are $25 and due on January 1 each year. Members who allow their membership to lapse will need to rejoin at the $50 new membership rate.


Trips are developed and led by volunteer club members (“Trip Leaders”). On some overseas rides the volunteer member will plan the trip in conjunction with a commercial tour operator and the commercial operator will lead all or parts of the trip. The Trip Leader makes all of the decisions concerning the trip itinerary and the qualifications of the participants.
Trips vary in difficulty. View our Ride Rating System.

Lodging and meals vary from modest to deluxe and trip costs vary accordingly. Ride costs are outlined for each trip and will generally include lodging, group meals, van rentals, support vehicles and various other group expenses. Any funds remaining after the end of the ride are returned to the participants.


Each rider brings their own bike or rents it. Unless otherwise specified, everyone is responsible for their own bike maintenance as necessary.