About us

The Bicycle Sportive Travel Club is a non-profit club that has been established for people who like to take adventurous vacations on their bikes. As a club member, you will enjoy the camaraderie that comes with exploring the world with friends, on trips developed by club members for club members.

In a nutshell, the idea is to create fun and adventurous cycling trips that are organized by people who are as nuts about bikes as you are!

There are no markups, no commissions and no fees. Trip leader costs are absorbed in the total amount that’s split by the group. This means you will be riding and vacationing ON THE CHEAP.

The idea was conceived by two bike nuts, Lindsay Carswell and Magnus Verbrugge. Since then, a non-profit society has been established, trips have been built and a slick website has been launched!

Lindsay (President) spent much of his childhood riding BMX bikes. He now enjoys the camaraderie of road biking and the thrill of singletrack. Huge gran fondos are just as fun as a day in the trails.

Favourite food: Nanaimo Bar
Cycling destination: Italian Alps
Movie: Big Lebowski

Magnus (VP, secretary, treasurer) loves all kinds of bikes and biking, except for doing the same rides over and over again. New roads, new trails and new adventures with like-minded cyclists is his passion.

Sweet or salty: Swalty
Fries or salad: Beer
Favourite Movie:The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Register of Directors and Officers

Lindsay Carswell: Director, President
Magnus Verbrugge: Director, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
David Attwell: Director