Whether we’re hosting you in our own backyard or we’re riding some new routes in faraway places, it’s nice to share the trusted brands from home. Bicycle Sportive has partnered with a select number of respected brads that you’d find in our own jersey pockets.


With a reputation for quality and innovation, KINeSYS performance sunscreens are oil and alcohol-free, UVA/UVB protective and water and sweat-resistant. Their cool ergonomic bottle and spray application were designed specifically for active lifestyles. Pro, Olympic and elite athletes everywhere are using KINeSYS.
Established in Richmond, BC in 1994, KINeSYS products are widely distributed throughout Canada and the United States and are also available in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.



Putting the fun into flats… plus a little bit of thinking too. Minimalist packaging means less waste and the tapered shape enables these inner tubes to slide right into your jersey pocket.
High quality brass valves are used because they’re durable and less prone to snap or break in your pump. And every Rubbers Brand tube is inflated for 24 hours and then inspected to ensure quality control.
We all dread the pop-n-hiss of a flat tire, but knowing you have a Rubber on you will provide a little peace of mind.
Established in Vancouver, BC in 2013, Rubbers products are distributed throughout Canada and are also available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.



A company built on the premise that “sports nutrition” should be replaced with “Food for Sport”. PRIMA makes real, fresh, and delicious food designed specifically for athletes. Their ultimate goal is to inspire our friends and neighbours to live a lifestyle based on great food and lots of sport.
Good food = more sport = better life.
Established in 2013, PRIMA bars are made with care in small batches in North Vancouver, BC and available at a growing number of high performance outlets across Canada.