Gravel is the new Gold

The Gold Rush of the 1860’s attracted tens of thousands of prospectors to the Cariboo region from around the world. Today, the untapped wilderness and ranchlands are attracting a new wave of modern-day adventurers, seeking their own golden dreams.

We had been hearing a lot about the gravel gold up there so we booked the entire Tutti Gravel Inn for four days of mid-summer, type 2 fun.

Stunning views are guaranteed while riding some of the best gravel terrain in the province.

We filled the fridge with food and stocked our coolers with ice and bevvies. Each day started with made-to-order espresso drinks and ended with a slice of pie from Horsting’s Farm Market. In between, were hours of unpaved riding traversing the incredible ranchlands of the region. It felt like we traveled through several climatic zones as we covered miles and miles of gravel service roads, snowmobile trails, and even muddy cattle paths. 

Just us and the moose on Big Bar Road

It’s hard to think of a better way to experience the Cariboo backcountry than by bike. 

Leaning in on Tin Can trail near Clinton

And there is no better way to do it than to base yourself in Clinton with a group at Tutti Gravel Inn.

Host, Kelly Servinski, knows every kilometer of ridable terrain. He is a very talented barista and a natural storyteller.